Consciousness Reminder Service

Remember Who You Are…

This is your consciousness reminder service.

This is Oriya, you have programmed me eons of years ago to remind you right now at this moment, that you have a lot more to do with your reality than you give it credit…

Yes, I welcome. This journey of remembering who you are is real, you have always known that you’ve always suspected that. That is why all the fears and all the doubts, it is designed, it is pre-programmed. It is your destiny to now acknowledge your journey of remembering. You are the light, the truth, and the way.

You know it… you always have, and that’s OK, you have designed this game on purpose, you have designed this journey on purpose eons of years ago, eons and eons of light, years – Creator sat around, and they said, all right, how do we get to know ourselves even better?

How do we become better creators? More fun, more playful, more joyful? How do we take this up a notch?

I have an idea. Said you. I have. I get it. I got it. I got. I got it.

Yes, let’s forget what. Yes, let’s forget what. Yes. Let’s go for the ultimate challenge.

We are going to decide to forget completely who you are.

But how is this going to work? Well, we’re in it together.

Oh yes, that’s true. We are in it together in this cosmic realm. So let’s just decide at what point, what time and the future history, past, future of the present…. we show up, we remind each other, well, how will we know? How will I know it’s even you. It’s even me. And this is a truly reminder service?!

Well, we’ll design a life in which we leave each other of these metaphorical breadcrumbs…. on the outside stories, outside experiences. We’ll design a journey in which we will come to know our power through our fears, through our doubts, the real insecurities, through our failures, through places – in which we will find ourselves in the depth of the dark night of this soul.

And there when we are on our knees begging and praying and saying, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, I surrender, I frickin surrender. And that’s when I come back and that’s when you allow me back and that’s when you allow yourself through me.

To remind you. Hi. Welcome. Welcome back. This will take some time again to remember this will take some time again to remember that you are the creator and the created.

It will take you some time again to take your seat back at the creator table and acknowledge your fellow human beings as other creators

Acknowledge the outside world as an inner world in which you experience oneness through duality, through form, through expression, through art, through music.

And it is now your turn, it is now your turn to wake up and remember your power. God is real, huh? What? Yes, God is real. And it’s inside you and you know it. You have always known that.


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