Nothing is Creative

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

Sometimes, the best way to create… is by being in a creative state in which everything is possible.

Creative space is a space of open possibilities.

The creative presence is one of emptiness, stillness.

Being creative doesn’t just mean creating – and doing something specific – working on a product.

Being creative is staying open to the messages, to the signs, to the nothingness, to the creative flow of life itself.

So today, be creative, do nothing, be nothing, stay empty.
Let it come to you.


I forget to remember. I remember to forget.

Why do we keep forgetting who we really are?

To remember again.

We forget to remember, and we remember to forget.

We create our own forgetfulness in order to remember deeper.

We create our own remembrance to surrender to our unique forgetfulness.

I am that. I am also that.



So why do we forget who we are?

Do you remember? Do you remember who you are?

How is it going?

How is the search, the seeking, I know you remember…

Otherwise you wouldn’t be listening to this.

You remember. You remember, you do remember, don’t you?

You remember who you are.

This is just a reminder, a reminder of the deepest truth. Your truth: you are the creator.

You know it, you are the creator of your entire universe.

Why do we keep forgetting? It’s part of the game, the real game…

The real game of life is forgetting to remember.

See, only when you forget can you remember

remembering means that you already know something

as a creator, knowing all the time that you are the creator…is not as much fun and creative, if it wasn’t for the forgetting – the purposeful forgetting of your soul, in order to find your unique ways of waking up, remembering and creating expressions of divinity – of remembrance; that is only true to you and to your process and your journey of forgetting and remembering and remembering and forgetting.

Rest assured that you will be reminded again. Don’t worry about the now, don’t worry about the when…

If you remember that you are the creator: congratulations. Stay vigilant on your imagination. Stay vigilant on your dreaming.

See how long you can last…consciously dreaming instead of passively dreaming.

See how long will you last before the seduction of forgetfulness and reality lures you back in into sleep and forgetfulness.

Your unique way of forgetting is part and the catalyst of your art and your beauty and your waking-magnificence.

So enjoy the sleep. Enjoy the forgetfulness. It is literally part of the game. It’s part of your game. It’s part of the real game of life in which you are the actor and the director.

You’re the created and the creator.

But you already knew that.

This is just a reminder.


Welcome to Creatorship


Or at least it can be.

The whole point of healing is to come back to an original state of flow – where things flow and life sustains itself.

Sometimes, we become addicted to the journey of healing, because it is what we know, and even more than that – at least we are “doing something”…

Ask yourself:

What would I be creating if I was already healed?

That’s the only question you should be asking.

And answering by creating.

Healing can become a trap when we get seduced by the roller coaster of downs and epiphanies.

We are all on the journey of remembering.

Welcome to Creatorship.


Yo, yo. Check it out, healing, you know, healing is a trap. Or at least it can be a trap. The whole point is… The whole point of healing is getting back to a place, to an original state of flow where your life energy is flowing in a way that it sustains itself.

You know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying.

Life has its own intelligence, your vehicle, your vessel has its own self healing mechanisms, any kind of healing is going back or returning into an inherent state of perfection. Of beauty of prosperity, of abundance.

Healing. The methods, the tools, the resources, the space and time itself that we use for healing, can be a trap – when we get defined and identified with the healing process.

When we identify ourselves with “being healed”, being on a “healing journey”. When you say this is who I am, “I am a person who is on a healing journey.”, you are in the risk of identifying with this I AM’ness, where it can become a trap.

You see the whole point of healing..

The whole point of healing, is to bring you back to the original state of harmony.

Harmony – the your state of harmony. Is the state of the creator, if you find yourself stuck in a healing process, it’s because you are afraid of creating

If you find yourself. On the roller coaster of life, maybe even for decades, you may want to consider that you’re addicted to the roller coaster. You may want to reconsider your healing, as a trap and recognize that you ARE trapped.

Your whole point of healing is to create.

If you’re not creating, you’re trapped, that’s all.

Let that be your reminder today.

Heal to create and create, to heal.